Decide the Best Way to Touch Up Your Vehicle's Paint Job

There comes a time when all vehicles will need a paint touch-up regardless of their age, model, or make. How you decide to go about getting it done is your decision. You can decide to DIY, hire a mobile technician, or get it professionally done.

For a DIY, make sure to get an exact match of the color by checking underneath the vehicle's hood for the paint code. Order the paint from a compatible manufacturer. Also purchase a primer for the base and a clear coat to lock in the color. A test area is always advised to ensure you have the right match.

A mobile technician eliminates the stresses of travel and being without your vehicle. The results may not be high-end, but in some situations they may be cost effective. For professional results come see our crew at Lakeshore Honda. We will make sure you get your money's worth!



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