Your Vehicle is Ready for its Back-to-School Service

If you knew how many moving parts made up the cooling system in your vehicle, you might want to get your car serviced this back to school season so the mechanic has the chance to identify trouble before it happens.

The mechanic will give the entire radiator a good visual inspection, make sure the radiator cap matches the pressure for the cooling system, and flush the coolant before replacing with OEM equivalent.

The water pump has to be checked for leaks, then the best to make sure it is tight enough to keep the pump moving the coolant through the entire cooling system cycle.

The smallest part that makes up the cooling system is the thermostat, yet it is the most important. If the thermostat cannot regulate the temperatures, the block will overheat and the moving parts in the engine will get damaged or seize.

Don't neglect to get the cooling system inspected this school season, come to Lakeshore Honda for a service check-up today.



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