Underinflated Tires Are Costly

A car's tires take the brunt of the forces that are encountered when it is in use. If they are not properly maintained, it can potentially lead to many costly car problems. Underinflating tires is one of the primary causes of tire failure. This can be easily avoided, however.

Tires that contain too little pressure will show signs of excessive road wear, particularly around the shoulders and tread. An automobile's fuel economy can also be reduced since the car must work harder to maintain proper speed. The chances of having a blowout are higher which correlates to a greater likelihood of causing a dangerous wreck. While tires that are over-inflated to as little as 6 psi also have their share of risks, low pressure is comparatively more hazardous. Over-inflation by a factor of 1-2 psi will typically result in near average treadwear.

Tire aging is inevitable. If you have not had your vehicle's tires gauged in some time, you can make a service appointment at Lakeshore Honda in Etobicoke to get the latest report on any car troubles that are related to your tires. Healthy tires are a priority!


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