How Long Do Honda's Last?

Q: Have any Honda cars ever been publicly recognized as being reliable vehicles?

A:  Yes. Warranty Direct declared that Honda was ranked number one for engine reliability in 2013. Reliability Index ranked the Honda CR-V, the Honda Jazz, and the Honda Civic as better than the industries average when it comes to reliability. Honda has also been named the most reliable used car manufacturer 9 years in a row by What Car?.

Q: What makes Honda vehicles so reliable?

A:   Honda's have been known to have fewer breakdowns than most other vehicles. Another factor to consider when deciding how reliable a car can be is figuring out how much it will cost to replace or fix a part on the vehicle.  Replacement parts for Honda vehicles are usually less expensive than replacement parts for other vehicles. Because the parts cost less, owners are usually able to fix their vehicle quickly so it is able to get back on the road sooner than its competitors.

Q: How long do Honda's last?

A: It is hard to say exactly how long a Honda vehicle will last. There are many factors that can affect this answer, such as how well the car was taken care of and how often it had regular maintenance, like frequent oil changes, performed on it. However, many Honda Owners have reported being able to drive their Honda for well over 100,000 kilometres without having any serious mechanical issues.

Q: Are Honda's good cars?

A:  Yes, we certainly think so. All Honda vehicles are built with precision engineering and manufactured using only high-quality parts which help them to not only outperform but also outlast any other vehicle in its class. When you buy a Honda, you are getting a long-lasting vehicle at a less expensive price. Considering those factors, Honda vehicles are not only exceptional cars but they are also a great investment as well.

Q: Do Honda vehicles come with a warranty?

A: Absolutely. All new models come with a 5 year/100,00km Power Train warranty and a 3 year/ 60,000 km  Distributor's Warranty. There is also a 3 year/ 60,000km  warranty on all accessories that are installed at the time of purchase, audio components, and the vehicle's battery.  In order to make drivers feel even more secure, Honda also provides Roadside Assistant for 3 years on all vehicles that were manufactured in 2005 or later.

Q: Where do I go if I think my Honda needs a replacement part?

A:  At Lakeshore Honda, our service department is always happy to help with any problem that your vehicle may have. We use only Honda Certified Parts and work hard to ensure that your vehicle is back on the road and in working order as quickly as possible.

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