Time to Replace Your Tires

As important as our tires are to the safe operation of our vehicles, we all tend to forget about tires until they cause a problem like a flat tire or blowout. We put them on and expect them to last forever. Unfortunately, driving with bad tires can not only cause other problems but can also be dangerous. Come and visit us at Lakeshore Honda and let us offer you some tire maintenance tips or show you our selection of tires.

Your tires should be inspected regularly to ensure they’re in good shape. Things to look for include bulges, bumps, uneven wear any place on the tire or embedded objects in the tire. If the tires don’t seem to hold air, they may need replacing.

We not only offer many types of tires but also various automotive services and supplies. Visit us in our Etobicoke dealership and allow us to replace or rotate your tires.



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