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Save Lives With the Move Over Laws

There is such a thing as Move Over Laws. This is a law that stands in all states and is an important one to pay attention to. This law can and does save lives. Sadly, every year there are people who die on the highway because of fast-moving vehicles. The Move Over Laws require that drivers slow down and get into the farthest lane when possible when passing a stopped vehicle on the side of the highway.

Just this seemingly small step makes a big difference. It's also a law which means that obeying it isn't optional but…
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The 3,000-mile myth

You have undoubtedly heard the old-school way of thinking that you need to change your vehicle's oil every 3,000 miles in order to help maintain peak performance. However, this is not exactly the case anymore. In most modern vehicles you can easily go over the 3,000-mile limit and not cause any irreversible damage to your vehicle.

So, why do so many companies push the same myth that you need to change your oil every 3,000 miles? Well, there are a few different reasons why they would do that. For one, it benefits them financially. The more…
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Windshield Visibility Importance and Using Washer Fluid

Having windshield wiper fluid is important because you need to have visible driving conditions. You should be able to see without residue and dirt on your windshield, and wiper fluid will clear any of this that is altering your view. You will want to have safe travels, and windshield wiper fluid can be used when the weather is cold or warm. It can be used in rather low temperatures, and should be kept at all times in order to see the road. Your car's wiper fluid system will help with the other mechanical components of the car. You should…
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Can You Use Kitty Litter Instead of Salt When Your Car Gets Stuck?

Over here at Lakeshore Honda, we know about the risks of getting stuck during the winter. Snow and ice are bad news for your tires. You can say goodbye to traction if you find yourself stuck in the snow or ice. This is why you should carry something to put under your tires to give you more traction. But what should you use?

You know that salt works, but what about kitty litter? It is much less expensive and does the same job, just in a different way. Salt makes the ice melt into water. Your tires are much better…
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