Proper Roof Rack Loading

Roof racks are great accessories that can add some extra versatility to your SUV. With that being said, you need to know how to use it correctly to stay safe. We want you to be an informed vehicle owner, so here are some tips on how to load the rack the right way.

First and foremost, you need to have cargo that fits. Bags and boxes should fit within the confines of the rack bars. If you have a rack with perpendicular cross bars, make sure that your bag fits within the square. If not, make sure that the cargo…

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How Long Do Honda's Last?

Q: Have any Honda cars ever been publicly recognized as being reliable vehicles?

A:  Yes. Warranty Direct declared that Honda was ranked number one for engine reliability in 2013. Reliability Index ranked the Honda CR-V, the Honda Jazz, and the Honda Civic as better than the industries average when it comes to reliability. Honda has also been named the most reliable used car manufacturer 9 years in a row by What Car?.

Q: What makes…

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Introducing the All-New 2019 Honda Insight Hybrid

The 2019 Honda Insight Hybrid has many upgrades and enhancements that will help to make a distinct change in the way people view eco-friendly vehicles. This is the third time that the Insight has made its debut as an all-new hybrid vehicle. And, with the 2019 Honda Insight Hybrid, the third time is definitely a charm.  There are many innovative and exciting new features that car buyers are sure to love.

High-End Entertainment Value


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Why You Should Consider Purchasing an SUV

There are different factors that you consider as you make a vehicle choice. Lakeshore Honda wants you to think about everything and make the most informed purchasing decision possible.

You should consider purchasing an SUV because they are safer than many of the cars that are out there. You should look into them because they can offer your family protection if you are involved in a crash. If you like to go off the paved road and drive on uneven surfaces, you should consider purchasing an SUV to help you do that. You can use an SUV to take on…
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What Do Infotainment Systems Do?

Most vehicles made today have infotainment systems that can access your smartphone and display system alerts, as well as rearview camera displays. Since 2015, automakers have been updating their infotainment packages so that you get more than navigation and radio. You can now access all of your apps on your phone just by syncing up with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Infotainment systems allow you to connect through Bluetooth or USB with your phone and access music, navigation, hands-free calling, and so much more.

Voice controls are the latest way that you can access telephones...


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Not Waxing Puts Your Vehicle in Danger

To wax or not to wax. That's the question, and it's quite an important one. Did you know that not waxing your car can leave it vulnerable?

Shiny cars don't stay shiny, and there's no lifetime protective coating on them. Waxing helps, and it's your responsibility. Without wax, paint fades under the sun's UV rays. Water from rain or moisture that splashes up from roadways or other sources is a problem. If you think it's just water, consider how much pollution might be in that water and how that could affect your car…

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Upcoming 2018 Honda Hybirds in Toronto

New Honda Hybrid Models Bring Efficiency, Excitement

The Honda Motor Company, Ltd., has long been a leader in quality, reliability and efficiency. In recent years, the automaker has improved its efficiency credentials, by releasing one or more hybrid models into the mix. This year, we'll see Honda's product line expand to include additional models that sip less fuel.  

What is a hybrid?

Before we look at the new models, we need to first…
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The Honda Odyssey Delivers Clever Convenience with Magic Slide Seating

One of the most important commodities on the road is space. A car can offer you all of the finest features in the world, and they won't add up to much if you're cramped and uncomfortable. That's one of the big reasons that many have been so impressed with the Honda Odyssey. In addition to being a modern minivan stacked full of valuable features, it comes with tools designed to help you use its ample interior to its fullest.

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Motor Oil Myths

There are a lot of untrue recommendations out there when it comes to your motor oil, how often you should change it and what you should use. The truth is, a lot of these myths began as a way for small shops to get customers to come back in frequently as a way to make money. The only information you can really trust is that which comes from the manufacturer of your vehicle. That's what we here at Lakeshore Honda go by.

Many people think you have to use synthetic oil if you have always used it or started…

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